Classic Setup

Creating the game deck

All cards are used in the deck for the Base game. The Expansion games have station cards which are duplicates of the Base game but with additional lines added. When an Expansion deck is used in combination with a Base deck, any duplicate Base station cards should be removed. These are easily identified as duplicate cards in the Base deck have a black dot in the bottom left and top right corners.

In the example below, the top red-backed Euston card is from the London Base deck and has the Northern and Victoria lines only and two black dots in the corners. The bottom blue-backed Euston card is from the London Expansion deck and also has the Overground line, and no black dots. The top card is the one that is removed from the combined game deck.


Card deal and setup

Shuffle the game pack and deal 7 cards face down to each player, and place the remaining undealt cards face down to form a stock. Turn the top 4 cards of the stock face up to form a set of selection cards. The example below shows the initial game setup for 3 players.


Rules ButtonCard Draw


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