London Base

The London Base game consists of 105 cards on 9 of the main London Underground lines. There are 62 single-line and 43 connection stations. The lines are represented by the following symbols:

Bakerloo Bakerloo
Central Central
District District
Hammersmith Hammersmith & City
Jubilee Jubilee
Metropolitan Metropolitan
Northern Northern
Piccadilly Piccadilly
Victoria Victoria

The Circle line is excluded from the game as all the stations on the Circle line are also on either the District, Hammersmith & City or Metropolitan lines.

Waterloo  Waterloo & City

The Waterloo & City line is included in the game, although as there are only two Waterloo & City stations, the line cannot be used in melds.

Card Back


Example Single-line and Connection Stations

BrixtonLeicester SquareLiverpool StreetWaterloo

Numbers of station cards for each line

  • Bakerloo (7 single stations; 10 connection stations)
  • Central (7 single stations; 13 connection stations)
  • District (7 single stations; 16 connection stations)
  • Hammersmith & City (6 single stations; 13 connection stations)
  • Jubilee (7 single stations; 10 connection stations)
  • Metropolitan (7 single stations; 11 connection stations)
  • Northern (7 single stations; 12 connection stations)
  • Piccadilly (7 single stations; 14 connection stations)
  • Victoria (7 single stations; 7 connection stations)
  • Waterloo & City (0 single stations; 2 connection stations)

Inspector Cards

The London Base game also includes 4 Inspector cards which act as wild cards


Rules Booklet

There is a 4 page mini-rules booklet included in the game.