Are board games sexist?

I was prompted to write this article as a result of designing my own game, and being challenged about my own sub-conscious bias by friends who were helping with the play testing. My game involves collecting sets of tube stations, and I had some wild cards denoted by tube drivers. My friends commented that all […]

Social media campaign started

Accidentally started social media campaign for MetRum today. Alice did the voiceover for the Kickstarter video and then when the video was online she offered to post it on FaceBook. So we’re live and counting down to a November Kickstarter launch. 

Design approved by TfL

TfL today checked the Metrum design and concluded that there was no need for me to pay any licensing costs as none of the design elements used any of the copyrighted items (map, roundel or the words Tube or Underground).

1st set of cards sent to print

I’ve just sent the first test sets of cards for London Base and London Extension decks off to be printed by MPC. Should expect delivery in 2-3 weeks and then can have a chance to check whether the game play works well or not. Huge thanks to Alice and Janet for checking the station cards had […]

Website Launched

Have just told the first people about the Metrum website, so it is now officially launched, with rules for the Metrum Classic and Metrum Classic Beginner game variants as well as details about the London Base and London Extension games.