1st set of cards sent to print

I’ve just sent the first test sets of cards for London Base and London Extension decks off to be printed by MPC. Should expect delivery in 2-3 weeks and then can have a chance to check whether the game play works well or not.

Huge thanks to Alice and Janet for checking the station cards had the correct lines on, as I had inevitably made a couple of mistakes.

One issue that arose was which connection stations should be included, as I had included connections like Bank/Monument where you can go from one station to the other without touching out. I was working from the Crossrail 2019 map, which has some other connections like Bow Road/Bow Church highlighted as a connection (even thought the stations are about 300m apart) and I had also included these examples in the deck. Janet queried Edgware Road which is also two separate stations but isn’t marked as a connection on the map. This led me into the world of the Out of Station Interchanges (OSI), which essentially means you can touch out of one station and into a nearby station and still count your travel as one overall journey. So Edgware Road (Bakerloo) to Edgware Road (Circle, District, Hammersmith & City) is an OSI, as are other connections like Hanger Lane/Park Royal which also aren’t marked on the map. So I updated my list of stations to include all OSIs.


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